Tlı̨chǫ Government Continues Northern Buying Commitment

YELLOWKNIFE (December 6, 2016) The Tlı̨chǫ Investment Corporation is happy to announce its continued commitment to investing in the Tlı̨chǫ Region and the Northern economy by its recent acquisition of 11 Peterbilt tractor units from Midnight Sun Energy, a company based in the Northwest Territories that has served the North for more than two decades.

The purchase will support Ventures West Transport’s upcoming busy winter road business. In recent months, the Tlı̨chǫ Investment Corporation increased its ownership in Ventures West Transport to 90% and Tlı̨chǫ Landtran by 49%.

“Ventures West Transport has provided our valued clients with excellent bulk fluids and freight transportation to northern communities and mines for over 25 years and we’re proud to now be the 90% owner of this strong company, partnered with the Denesoline Corporation, who owns the remainder,” said Jasper Lamouelle, President of the Tlicho Investment Corporation. “This latest purchase is part of our continued commitment to support the North by buying in the North, from northern companies.”

This move complements the Tlı̨chǫ Government’s August 2016 purchase of Tłįchǫ Landtran, ensuring more benefits from the operation of these companies will accrue to the Tlı̨chǫ people, its shareholders and partners.

For more information, please contact:

Jasper Lamouelle, President
Tlicho Investment Corporation

Kelly Brenton, CEO
Tlicho Investment Corporation

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