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Welcome to the Tłįchǫ website!  Some easy links to help you find your way.  If you cannot find the information, please email info[at]tlicho[dot]com

Tłįchǫ Government Head Office - contact information:

  • Location: 127 Donda Tili, Behchokǫ̀, NT
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 412,  Behchokǫ̀, NT X0E 0Y0
  • P: 867-392-6381
  • F: 867-392-6389

Tłįchǫ Government Office -  contact information:

  • Behchokǫ̀ Community Presence Office
    PO Box 412,  Behchokǫ̀, NT X0E 0Y0 
    P: 867-392-6385 & F: 867-392-6412
  •  Whatì Community Presence Office
    PO Box 92, Whatì, NT X0E 1P0 
    P: 867-573-3012 & F: 867-573-3222
  • Gamètì Community Presence Office
    PO Box 104, Gamètì, NT X0E 1R0
    P: 867-997-3074 & F: 867-997-3097
  • Wekweètì Community Presence Office  
    PO Box 34, Wekweètì, NT X0E 1W0
    P: 867-713-2511 & F: 867-713-2064 
  • Yellowknife Tłįchǫ Government Office
    Location: 4308-50th Avenue,  Yellowknife, NT 
    P: 867- 766-4003 & F: 867- 766-3441

Community Government - contact information:

  • Community Government of Behchokǫ̀ 
    PO Box 68, Behchokǫ̀, NT X0E 0Y0 
    P: 867-392-6500 & F: 867-392-6139
  • Community Government of Whatì   
    PO Box 71, Whatì, NT X0E 1P0 
    P: 867-573-3401 & F: 867-573-3018
  • Community Government of Gamètì 
    PO Box 1, Gamètì, NT X0E 1R0
    P: 867-997-3441 & F: 867-997-3411
  • Community Government of Wekweètì  
    PO Box 69, Wekweètì, NT X0E 1W0
    P: 867-713-2010 & F: 867-713-2030

Tłįchǫ Investment Corporation & Group of Companies:

  • Location: 100 Borden Drive, Bay 25
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 1567, Yellowknife, NT  X1A-2P2
  • P: 867-920-7288  &  F: 867-920-6389 
  • Toll Free: 1-866-540-7668

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There are five notable sections of the Tłįchǫ History website:

  1. Gonàowoò
  2. Explore - informational articles
  3. Timeline - explore the timeline of important events to the Tłįchǫ people.
  4. Maps - location pinpoints
  5. Learn - educational tools and information
  6. Gallery - collection of photos

Dedats’eetsaa: Tłįchǫ Research & Training Institute -  explore the website here!

  • Tłįchǫ TK research emerges from the deeply contextual, relational and integrated Tłįchǫ worldview to understand and find solutions to the issues facing our people and our land.We have been pleased to encourage a growing number of mutually beneficial research, training and developmental partnerships with academic institutions, other levels of government, corporations and non-governmental organizations over the past 20 years.

Tłı̨chǫ Yatıì / Tłı̨chǫ Dictionary - visit website here!

  • This on-line dictionary now uses a standard Unicode Calibri font. NO EXTRA FONTS should be required to display the special characters correctly on your device. You can copy and paste words from this dictionary and they should show and print correctly in other documents. 

Please email info[at]tlicho[dot]com for more information.