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Tłįchǫ Domco Inc.

Domco Foodservices GroupOn September 1, 1999, Dechi Laot'i First Nation and Domco Foodservices Group of Canada entered into a remote site services which includes catering, housing keeping and janitorial service for the mining sector. 

Since 1945, Domco has been one of the leaders in providing catering, housekeeping and janitorial service to Canada's mining, construction and exploration sectors from coast to coast.  Over the past several years Domco entered into alliances with various First Nations such as the Tłįchǫ Government, Dechi Laot'i First Nation located in Wekweètì, The Northern First Nations, the Dease River First Nation, the Tahltan First Nation, the Selkirk First Nation, The Taku River Tlingit First Nation, and The Montagnais First Nation to start joint ventures in different areas across Canada. These Joint Ventures provide an opportunity to both Domco and its partners to provide local employment training and development to its residents in culinary, housekeeping and administrative duties and responsibilities.

Contact Information:

Sylvie Rathier, Director, Sales & Marketing of Domco Group of Canada Ltd.

Email: sylvie.ratheir[at]comcofoodservices[dot]com

Address: 49 The Donway West, Suite 410, Toronto, ON, M3C 3M9
Toll Free: 800.565.5500
Tel: 416.449.7333
Fax: 416.449.8840



Tłįchǫ Landtran

TLI CHO LandtranVisit their website for more information at: Tli Cho Landtran Transport Ltd. is a Yellowknife based LTL & TL carrier which offers regular scheduled transportation services between the Northwest Territories and the rest of North America. Being domiciled at the gateway to the north, Tli Cho Landtran also offers a complete transportation package including Freight Management and Air Expediting arrangements. A certified carrier for the Diavik Diamond Mines, DeBeers Canada and BHP Billiton’s Ekati Diamond Mine, Tli Cho Landtran Transport Ltd. is a longtime veteran of ice road travel in Canada’s North.

The ice road season runs for approximately 60 days, from

  the end of January until the beginning of April. Shared by mining companies in the area, the ice road used by Tli Cho Landtran Transport Ltd. is approximately 350 kilometers long. With 75 percent of the road being built over frozen lakes, the ice road must be reconstructed annually to accommodate the short ice road season. No matter what the season, Tli Cho Landtran Transport Ltd. will work with you to ship all types of cargo. Our main focus is getting your load to its destination safely and on time.

Tli Cho Landtran Transport Ltd.’s experienced operators, paired with our emphasis on timeliness and safety, has garnered us our excellent reputation in the trucking industry.

Contact Tli Cho Landtran Transport Ltd. for all of your trucking needs and put us to work for you!

Contact Information:


Email: Shawn.Talbot[at]continentalcartage[dot]com

Location: 358 Old Airport Road
Address:PO Box 577, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 2N4
Tel: 867.873.4044
Fax: 867.873.2780



Email: Lawrencec[at]continentalcartage[dot]com

Address: 13120 Yellowhead Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 3C1
Tel: 780.452.9414
Fax: 780.447.2292




Tłįchǫ Logistics

Tłįchǫ Logistics began as a joint venture with ATCO Frontec in 1999. As of June 30, 2005, it is 100% owned by the Tłįchǫ. Our activities include the provision of site services at Diavik and Snap Lake, site management and maintenance services at Colomac mine remediation and bulk fuel trucking to Diavik and Snap Lake in 2007.

Contact Information:

Betty Anne Nickerson, General Manager, Tłįchǫ Logistics 
Email: bnickerson[at]tlichologistics[dot]com

Address: PO Box 758, 25 Stanton Plaza, Yellowknife, NT X1A 2P6
Toll Free: 866.540.7668

Tel: 867.920.7288
Fax: 867.920.7328

Building herc strip - Gah Cho Kue Repairing Haul truck - Diavik Northern companies are active partners in supplying services to the Diavik Diamond Mine.