Fine and Decorative Arts

 Our region has talented Artists and Artisans from the Tłįchǫ Regwolfion. They include traditional art and crafts, which preserve traditional knowledge and the unique Tłįchǫ style.  We also have contemporary aboriginal art, which include paintings, depicting Tłįchǫ oral history passed on from generation to generation.

You will find paintings, prints, and clothing using traditional tanned hides, beadwork, embroidery, jewelry, traditional drums, snowshoes and many other beautiful and useful things.

To browse through the Artists and Artisans creations click on subjejacketct headings on the right hand column.  Feel free to contact them directly to acquire their creations or visit the Tłįchǫ Online Store.

If you are in the Tłįchǫ region or Tłįchǫ descendant and would like to have your work displayed on this site, please email the webmaster[at]tlicho[dot]net or call Carole Rabesca at the Tłįchǫ Community Services Agency at 867-392-3000.  

Painting by Ray McSwain and Coat by Pauline Williah

Traditional Economies Go Online

 The Tlicho Government and the Tlicho Community Services Agency have worked together on projects related to discovering, preserving, recreating and celebrating the cultural heritage of our communities. They announced today that the Tlicho Online Store is now open.

Items below are hand crafted by Dora Migwi and are examples of what will soon be available for purchase. Click here for the PDF format for a better view of the photos below. If you would like to make inquiries please email onlinestore[at]tlicho[dot]com or call Louisa at 1.867.392.6910.

Dora Migwi making vest

Traditional Tlicho Slippers with beaded flower design

Glove layout with beaded flower design on the left hand side and embroidery design on the right hand side

Layout of vest pattern with embroidery flower design with beaded outline.

Layout of slippers pattern with beaded flower design